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Troll Archaeology Find is a World of Warcraft object that can be found in The Hinterlands, Northern Stranglethorn, Zul'Drak and 6 additional zones Troll Archaeology Fragment. Total Maximum: 200. Troll Archaeology Fragments are found using the [Survey] ability of the Archaeology skill. As with all Archaeology Fragments, they are not inventory items but instead tracked on the relevant page of a player's archaeology dialog. These fragments are found at Troll archaeology sites You can start collecting Troll artifacts at skill level 1. There is a total of of 39 digsites where you can dig up Troll artifacts on all three continents of Azeroth: Eastern Kingdoms - 19 Digsites Kalimdor - 4 Digsites Northrend - 5 Digsites: Below is a full list of all Troll artifacts currently available to discove

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Troll Archaeology Fragment Troll Archaeology Fragments are found with the Survey sub-skill of Archaeology. 1 Source 2 Ingredient for 3 Patch changes 4 External links Some of the best zones to find them are The Hinterlands and Stranglethorn Vale (Northern Stranglethorn and Cape of Stranglethorn) of the Eastern Kingdoms or Zul'Drak, Northrend. Patch 4.0.3a (2010-11-23): Added. Wowhead (all)WoWDB. Troll Archaeology Fragments can also be obtained in Northrend. In Zul'Drak for example. Progressive returns should be implemented to level archaeology rewards. WoW has implemented many of the lessons of Skinner and gambling by giving variable rewards, linking those rewards to visual and audible stimulation, etc. and it is highly successful.. I leveled archaeology to 450 without using a single troll fragment. By the time I reach 450, I have ~840 fragments and 34 tablets. I started solving troll fragments right away, after 34 attempts I was out of troll fragments and sadly, no Zin'rokh. I am greatly disappointed and not sure when to do atm Oh yeah, farm Pandaria digsites and convert to Troll/Tol'vir. Probably still Pandaria with the Mantid thingy. Step one: get exalted with lorewalkers. Takes about an hour. Two: buy mantid sonic artifact locator. Use it. Three: farm two zones in Pandaria for crates. Four: trade crates for fragments of your choice

There are 10 races, it depends on the zone, and your Archaeology skill which you will find. You can search each dig site 6 times before it despawns and a new site spawns. (8 times at Draenor) Here is a list of the races you'll be learning about in Archaeology: 1-300 - Eastern Kingdoms/Kalimdor - Fossil, Night Elf, Troll, Dwar Dig sites are race-specific; a dig site will only yield fragments and keystones related to a specific race. A dig site is however not limited to players of the same race; a dwarf player will have no problem searching a troll-dig site for troll-artifacts. The race-specification of a dig site is not random, but determined by where it spawns I'm looking to get the sword from Troll archaeology, and I was wondering where and how is the best place to spam Troll archaeology nodes. Any information will be helpful and is appreciated, Thanks. 2010-12-28, 09:04 AM # Archaeology rewards. When solved, archaeology fragments form artifacts (also called archaeology finds to distinguish them from artifact -quality items). When you solve an artifact you gain an actual item, as well as an entry in your Completed Artifacts archaeology tab. Common artifacts are (with one notable exception) poor quality items. If you need help to start getting into Archaeology, then take a look at these helpful guides by Wowhead users, Archaeology 1-800 Leveling and Collecting Strategies by Karadine Casual Archaeology Guide by ukoms Thanks to Makita who discovered a long lost rare

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  1. Just checked my 2 characters that have archaeology, and I have 731 mantid solves and 510 troll solves total (been trying to get that sword on and off since cata).. I'm currently leveling my warrior 110-120 by just doing MoP archaeology, 112 atm and I have 150+ restored artifacts, I'll be trying to shoot for 500 artifacts if I can stomach it.
  2. [Tol'vir Archaeology Fragment] [Troll Archaeology Fragment] [Vrykul Archaeology Fragment] [Zandalari Archaeology Fragment] Patch changes. Patch 4.0.6 (2011-02-08): Archaeology fragments now have a hard cap of 200 per race. Players will not be able to collect additional fragments until they complete artifacts to take them down below 200 fragments
  3. Troll. There are now three rare Troll artifacts. Dig sites can be found in Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms and Northrend. This is one of the four races you can Survey when first skill up Archaeology. (Surveying gives skill up until 100.) Considered almost BiS for many melee, is the 2h: Zin'rokh, Destroyer of Worlds

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  1. Our Guide Articles are brought to by readers like you! Today's Guide is put together by poster Patrick. *Update: Vashj'ir was Removed in Dec 27th Hotfixes So You Wanna Get Zin'Rokh?. If any of you are like me, the first thing you saw when you looked at archaeology was the monster 2-hander, Zin'Rokh, the Destroyer of Worlds.. Not only was it a throw back to Vanilla times, it was looking.
  2. Archaeology level 450 is when you become eligible. Farm in Eastern Kingdoms. Save all troll fragments and Troll Tablets! Farm all the way to level 450-525 without using any troll items. 1700 Troll Fragments and no Zin Rokh. I personally chose to go to 525 and to try my luck then.It really is unclear if you get a better chance at Zin Rokh if you.
  3. Welcome to WoWdigs, a site dedicated to the new secondary profession - Archaeology introduced with Cataclysm, the third expansion of World of Warcraft. WoWdigs offers comprehensive information on everything that is WoW Archaeology. Archaeology is available to all characters level 20 and over
  4. You only need to save the troll artifacts until you are 450. Not 525. 450 is confirmed to be the magic number for epics. It doesn't matter if you are lvl 75 or 85

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When Solved, Archaeology Fragments form Artifacts. Solved Artifacts can be found in Archaeology's Completed Artifacts tab. Most artifacts are common. These give you a little bit of lore or flavor text and an item you can sell for a small profit (presumably to a museum!) The profit increases as the value of the artifact increases. You can estimate this by the number of fragments needed to. Wowpedia has a nice list of Dig Sites if you're curious about exact dig site details.. Below is a copy of them, are we missing any? Contact Us!! (Locations by Continent

These specific keystones are good for only the troll side of archaeology, however. And yes, you can sell them on the Auction House if there's profit to be made on them. It's best to sell them if you've got time do a lot of digging already, or if you've already managed to net all of the items you can obtain from the artifacts in question Crate of Troll Archaeology Fragments. A small crate of Troll Archaeology fragments. A Crate of Troll Archaeology Fragments is sold by Brann Bronzebeard at the Seat of Knowledge in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms for 1 . In Warlords of Draenor, it is sold for the same currency by Grakis and Srikka in Stormshield and Warspear respectively You will get: - Two-Handed sword: Zin'rokh, Destroyer of Worlds - This exclusive two-handed sword is one of the rarest items in World of Warcraft. - Pet: Voodoo Figurine - This pet is also available as part of the pet pack in another offer (chec Hi guys, my archeology skill is 525 and i saw that troll archeology could give a SWEET two handed sword. The only problem is im now only getting duplicates of common items even though i read somewhere you wont get a duplicate unless your skill is not high enough. Obvious skill level is not the problem. I have not gotten a single troll rare yet but like 8 rares from other races Archaeology, the newest secondary profession to enter into WoW, and not one for the impatient. Archaeology takes a very long time to do. I'll be honest, fishing is more exciting than this profession. If you are a Dwarf though, you do get a racial buff, called Explorer, which allows you to Survey faster and get more fragments when you find them

With this knowledge and the following archaeology item listing, WoW's newest secondary profession will hopefully be a little less frustrating. Eastern Kingdoms is the best place to find Troll and Dwarf dig sites. It has a lot of fossils also, a negligible amount of Night Elf and Nerubian sites. Kalimdor is easily the best place to find Night. Third: Turn in these Restored Artifacts Restored Artifacts for Crates of Troll Archaeology Fragments which contain some number of troll fragments. You lose out on the conversion of overall fragments, but WoD and Pandaria dig sites are typically a lot closer together than the ones on Azeroth, plus you don't have to cross your fingers and pray. Draenei Archaeology Fragment. Total Maximum: 200. Draenei Archaeology Fragments are found using the [Survey] ability of the Archaeology skill. As with all Archaeology Fragments, they are not inventory items but instead tracked on the relevant page of a player's archaeology dialog. These fragments are found at Draenei archaeology sites Introduction In this guide I will help you to do Tol'vir archaeology as fast as possible. This will give you a significant boost on your hunt for the alchemy recipe or a rare Tol'vir artifact. This guide will NOT include the archaeology basics (Check wowpedia for that). Note: This guide is for the fastest way, not the cheapest, so this will be expensive. If it seems too expensive, skip buying.

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Since most people start leveling Archaeology in the Eastern Kingdoms (since it has a better spread of all four starting races than Kalimdor's 50% Night Elf spread) and Troll dig sites appear in Northrend, it's a safe bet that a very high number of people have finished troll commons by the time they hit 450 skill Edit 7: Updated for Patch 4.0.6, which added 11 new dig sites: 7 Tol'vir in Uldum in Kalimdor, 2 Nerubian in Northrend, and 2 Nerubian in Eastern Plaguelands in Eastern Kingdoms. You should now find ~62% more Tol'vir sites in Kalimdor now and ~30% more Nerubian sites in Northrend. I'm going to just call Pre-375 Pre-450 for the sake of the table. Well I haven't seen any other topic with. Hey ive gotten my archaeology profession all the way to 525 and was wondering what the chances were of the 2h sword actually appearing, » World of Warcraft I do not have Zin'rokh and have multiple crafts of same Troll items. It's just rarity. There are so many frivolous things in this world. Reply With Quote Digging Archaeology. World of Warcraft's newest secondary profession, archaeology, offers a plethora of items. These WoW archaeology rewards range from being worthless vendor trash to rare and sought after epic items. Eastern Kingdoms is the best place to find Troll and Dwarf dig sites. It has a lot of fossils also, a small amount of.

Excellent anisalysto offer one additional point regarding sociopaths, the indicators for this diagnosis also includes lack of conscience. In some sense, it begs the question which comes first; the chicken or the egg 1 Eastern Kingdoms 2 Kalimdor 3 See also 4 External Links Below are coordinates for the various fragment coordinates within each individual dig site added by users. Archaeology locations lists the general subzones where you can Survey for fragments. * indicates an uncertain coordinate Please keep track of coordinates as you dig, and record them here! Archaeology location WoW Archaeology Guide Archaeology is a secondary profession that was released in the the Cataclysm expansion. This WoW Archaeology guide will try to teach you the basics about this profession. You won't gain any real end-game benefits from Archaeology, most of the items you can get have no in-game power like pets, toys and mounts. This profession i Archaeology PassiveSecondary Profession. Allows an archaeologist to find artifact fragments and complete artifacts up to a maximum potential skill of X. Archaeology is a secondary profession that was released in the expansion World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. Limited to players who have purchased the Cataclysm expansion, even though it involves some low-level activity.1 Character must be at least.

Archaeology is one of the most time consuming activities currently in World of Warcraft. Leveling and using this profession will take a lot of time and patience. After leveling Archaeology to 525 I can say that the best way to level is to do it in intervals. Set a goal for yourself to reach that day and after that take a break The Brawler's Harness was an item in Vanilla World of Warcraft that Orc, Troll, and Undead Warriors started with. As a shirt, players could have it and a chest piece equipped at the same time, and.

World of Warcraft. Patch 9.1 Hotfixes: July 9th The final hotfixes of the first week of Shadowlands Season 2 are here! We have Warlock talent level issues resolved, Sanctum and Tazavesh fixes, the removal of the Catalogued Research cap, as well as item, quest and Torghast Anima power tweaks. World of Warcraft Tol'vir Archaeology Fragment Tol'vir Archaeology Fragments are found with the Survey sub-skill of Archaeology. 1 Source 2 Ingredient for 3 Patch changes 4 External links Tol'vir Archaeology Fragments are exclusively found in Uldum, Kalimdor. Patch 4.0.3a (2010-11-23): Added. Wowhead (all)WoWDB (all

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  1. Kalimdor dwarf, night elf, troll, fossil, and tol'vir. Eastern Kingdoms dwarf, night elf, fossil, and troll. Outland orc and draenei. Northrend vrykul, nerubian, night elf, and troll. Archaeology.
  2. imap? A: You can see digsites on your (World) map, not your
  3. WoWdigs - World of Warcraft Archaeology Artifacts. Below are all the Artifact fragments that you will be picking up at their respective digsites, from skill level 1 - 299 you will only be able to pick up Dwarf, Night Elf, Troll & Fossil fragments. At 300 - 374 you will also be able to pick Draenei and Orc fragments
  4. The orcs arrived in Azeroth through the Dark Portal and fought against the alliance in two wars. Another may be on the horizon. You can start collecting Orc artifacts at skill level 300. There is a total of 13 digsites where you can dig up Orc fragments at Outland: Outland - 13 Digsites. Below is a full list of all the Orc artifacts currently.
  5. able grind for the same items to put in some shop hidden as far into the.

Cataclysm videos and guides at http://www.tankspot.com/http://twitter.com/#!/Aliena8 This one's an Archaeology reward for solving Troll dig sites. Some Archaeology mounts are pretty rare, but they're nothing compared to this weapon. In an MMO like World of Warcraft, which. Wowhead link; Featured Screenshot. Login or register to be the first to upload a screenshot Crate of Troll Archaeology Fragments Item Level 1 Binds when picked up A small crate of Troll Archaeology fragments. <Right Click to Open> Additional Information. Sold By (6) Contains (1 World of Warcraft Archaeology Achievement Guide. Archaeology Achievement Guide . Illustrious Grand Master in Archaeology: Reach a skill of 525 in Archaeology. You must have a skill of at least 450 before training Illustrious Grand Master in Archaeology. - Troll - Vrykul Seven Scepters: Recover the following scepters from the various races. Night Elf Archaeology Fragment Night Elf Archaeology Fragments are found with the Survey sub-skill of Archaeology. 1 Source 2 Ingredient for 3 Patch changes 4 External links Some of the best zones to find them are in Ashenvale and Darkshore of Kalimdor. Patch 4.0.3a (2010-11-23): Added. Wowhead..

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WoWdigs - All the Archaeology Locations in Northrend, together with maps and links Troll Alter of Sseratus: Alter of Sseratus Digsite: Troll Kolramas: Kolramas Digsite: Nerubian Zim'Rhuk: Zim'Rhuk Digsite WoW digs where WoW Archaeology Digs!. Having forest troll shaman totems have vegetation such as moss or algae growing on them would be one way to distinguish forest troll totems and make them quite unique. Forest trolls are known to have moss, algae, and other small forms of vegetation grow on their skin. We know this from an archaeology artifact, and that old article from earlier Archaeology is a secondary profession that was released in the the Cataclysm expansion. This Archaeology guide will try to teach you the basics about this profession. You won't gain any real end-game benefits from Archaeology, most of the items you can get have no in-game power like pets, toys and mounts WoWdigs - World of Warcraft Archaeology Artifacts - Fossil. Fossils are the preserved remains of animals or plants from the ancient past. Typically the living tissues are replaced with minerals that preserve the form of the original organism. You can start collecting Fossil artifacts at skill level 1

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  1. the archaeology fragment is somewhere under your feet (7 yards or less). When you find a single archaeology fragment you automatically begin to complete an artifact. Sometimes you can also find a race keystone - this is an ultimate archaeology fragment which can be used in place of normal fragments in certain projects
  2. WoW Archaeology Guide 1-525 Leveling | Archaeology Guide Leveling. Now that you have a general understanding about Archaeology, you can begin leveling from 1-525. 1-300 - Kalimdor & Eastern Kingdoms - Fossil, Troll, Dwarf, Night Elf 300 - Outland: Draenei, Orc 375 - Northrend: Vrykul, Nerubian, Troll 450 - Uldum: Tol'vi
  3. Archaeology Guide. This post is my submission to The Best of the Month Blog Carnival hosted by the Not So Secret Society! Archaeology is of course the new Secondary Profession added to World of Warcraft, Cataclysm. It can seem a bit confusing to start, but it really is very simple and actually a bit addictive
  4. WoW Archaeology. Archeology leveling boost will help you get this secondary profession to maximum and benefit from all different cosmetic rewards and achievements. This profession was added back in Cataclysm and while it isn't the most popular one, but definitely it brings a lot of points into your collection
  5. World of Warcraft - Cataclysm: Archaeology Guide 1 - 525. There is a new secondary profession in the new expansion World of Warcraft: Cataclysm called Archaeology. This guide will explain Archaeology and help you get to 525 skill level as quickly as possible. Once you learn Archaeology, you will begin to see little shovel icons on your.

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  1. Archaeology is a secondary profession that was released in the expansion World of Warcraft: Cataclysm.. Limited to players who have purchased the Cataclysm Cataclysm expansion, even though it involves some low-level activity.; Character must be at least level 20 to learn Apprentice Archaeology. [citation needed]Intended as a casual profession for players to enjoy in their downtime
  2. Currency is any item accumulated and used to make purchases. Money is the definitive example of currency. 1 Lore 2 In World of Warcraft 2.1 Currency tab 2.2 Main bag currency display 2.3 Money 2.4 Points as currencies 2.5 Items tracked as currencies 2.6 Items used as currencies 2.7 Armor tokens 2.8 Ambiguities 3 See also 4 External links Gold sovereigns were a type of currency in the kingdom.
  3. g a member! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRCAZyzIDJLwgBWh805AToQ/joinREAD..
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The most up-to-date database on exploits for Diablo, Starcraft and World of Warcraft.Updated daily for new Hacks and Cheats. Tips and Tricks website 9 thoughts on WoW Cataclysm Archaeology Leveling Guide 1-525 YusRaN December 26, 2012 at 6:35 am Is the chance of getting Zin'rokh to 0% if the troll fragment used before 450 skill Home Forums > The World of Warcraft > General WoW > Archaeology - Buying Troll Tablets / Mantid Shards Discussion in ' General WoW ' started by Elkiva , Feb 20, 2019 I got mine in Pandaria using Mantid solves and buying Crate of Troll Archaeology Fragments; I also got the Scimitar of the Sirocco & Ring of the Boy Emperor the same way. Assuming you've done the Lorewalker rep (to buy the Mantid Artifact Sonic Locator item in the Seat of Knowledge), this is still a very good way to get it

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Archaeology Helper accelerates your surveying by providing triangulation on a Heads-Up Display (HUD) Survey then press green, yellow or red button to add new sector to the HUD and narrow down the position of your fragment. HUD optionally includes GatherMate2 pins showing possible fragment positions, further accelerating the process Our series of guides to the new Darkspear Troll starting quests in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm begins with a full walkthrough of the first two quests your new Troll will complete: The Rise of the Darkspear and The Basics: Hitting Things. Follow our step-by-step guide through all the quests new Trolls will be asked to complete in the post-Cataclysm World of Warcraft In the Hinterlands or STV you'll be surrounded by throngs of trolls - and whadya know, the Troll Archaeology Finds go hand in hand. Wetlands, Badlands and Burning Steppes are all known for their dwarven dwellings - and similarly, so are most the archaeological finds. If animals dominate the land, then appropriately you will often find fossils

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1 point · 3 years ago. Either Legion or Draenor Archeology will be the quickest if you just want fragments. Draenor is especially fast if you have a Mage Tower lvl 3 in your garrison and Draenor flying. Not sure if your Horde or Alliance but for me since I'm Alliance I have the Mage Tower portals to Spires of Arak,Nagrand and Frostfire Archaeology Unit Frames Raid Frames HUDs Miscellaneous Action Bars Combat Healer RareScanner, a World of Warcraft addon to alert you when a rare, event or treasure... Download. Install Method Raid Tools By.

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This Archaeology guide is based on the current beta information, what you read here might change. I will update this guide as often as possible until Cataclysm go live. Archaeology is a secondary profession that will be released in the upcoming expansion, World of Warcraft: Cataclysm.You won't gain any real end-game benefits from this profession, most of the items you can get have no in-game. *twitch* Used all my troll fragments (had well over a 1,000) at like 469, maxed it and then some... Got nothing. Now while still going crazy and farming, I finally break down and do the dwarf ones I've been building up since and after two artifacts that required two keystones I get the 359 staff.... *twitches* I guess my druid has a nice weapon when I get him to 85 though. >_> So I actually love archaeology. I really wanted to have some kind of profession that involved more than just clicking on something, and archaeology goes that for me. I think the items they added to the game for it are worthy of the time you put into getting them. It is not necessary for raiding but it provides you with cool or useful things One of the rare tier items in Troll Archaeology. Requires 100 Troll Archaeology Fragments. Rewards: Figurine vaudou Keystone: Troll Tablet Common tier Troll items: Zandalari Voodoo Doll Fetish of Hir'eek Eerie Hakkari Idol Lizard Foot Charm Jade Asp with Ruby Eyes Feathered Gold Earring Cinnabar Bijou Atal'ai Scepter Gahz'rilla Figurine Skull.

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There are a whopping 6 rare archaeology items in BFA. 2 are stamina trinkets. 2 are battle pets. And the last 2 are toys. They made it take longer to cap archaeology on BFA and all reaching the cap does is allow you to trade in restored artifact boxes for artifact fragments. They put in the least amount of effort possible into archaeology this. For World of Warcraft on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled The RNG for archaeology is horrid

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If you're still doing this in 2020 or later, consider that you need an Archaeology skill of 600 to open/buy the troll crates you can trade in for Artefato Restaurado. This means you can not just stop at 450 profession skill if you want to do the trade in method - This only works if you stick to the troll digging sites and never trade in. Wow bfa archeology leveling guide 17 Comments Page 2 17 Comments This archaeological guide is going to teach you the basics of this profession. You won't get real end game benefits from archaeology, most of the items you can get don't have in-game power like pets, toys, mounts. This job is mainly for fun. You don't have to have it; Optional

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From: james362 | #006 i have it now after days of trying to farm my staff/trinket from dwarf/nelf and getting a annoying amount of troll digsites. >_> i dont have any 2h classes anywhere near 85. for reals at one point all 4 spawned in stv for like 3 rounds >:O i have multiple on other servers. HURRDURR BIND ON ACCOUNT, OH PSYCH BIND ON SERVE I just liked Savagery as a Troll ship name. Hilariously, I renamed one of my ships last night to The Shadow Hunter and found out that it is a default name when looking at WoWhead this morning. It became The Ballad of Bom'bay shortly thereafter. Screenshot: I took the screenshot of the shipyard table. 6 years ago; 18 notes # screensho

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October 12 Hotfix: Crates of Archaeology Fragments are no longer unique. If you don't want 9 different macros to buy and open crates: /use item:87533 /use item:87534 /use item:87535 /use item:87536 /use item:87537 /use item:87538 /use item:87539 /use item:87540 /use item:8754 Archaeology Needs Work I just recently leveled Archaeology on an alt from 0 - 950. It took sometime to complete as I needed to frequently stop to prevent my head from exploding. The process is extremely boring with a reward system that for the most part is disappointing. The profession offers no benefit or support to any other profession. While many crafting professions have become mostly. Cataclysm: Archaeology Guide And Maps. September 14, 2010 by Sven. Archaeology allows you to discover valuable treasures and learn ancient lore of the world. So in my travels around the newly ravaged Azeroth I have come across an interesting new profession, Archaeology! This post will cover everything I know about this interesting and exciting.

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This product includes all Fossil Artifacts: - Mount: Fossilized Raptor - Pet: Pterrordax Hatchling, Fossilized Hatchling - These pets are also available as part of the pet pack in another offer (check 'alternative products'). - Toy: Ancient A Besides Love is in the Air starting today, we also have another round of Legion models and updates--Dalaran Underbelly PvP, Archaeology solves, and more creature model videos. There are also more Warcraft Funko Pops on the way! Dalaran Underbelly Updates The Dalaran Underbelly, a free-for-all PvP arena, received some visual updates! The central area of the Underbelly now has more buildings. Cost: 40 (unlimited supply) Voodoo Figurine — [Voodoo Figurine] Profession: Archaeology - Troll. Artifact: [ Voodoo Figurine] Wayward Spirit — [Wayward Spirit] Drop: Gara'jal the Spiritbinder [??+] Zone: Mogu'shan Vaults. Approximate Drop Rate: Unknown. TIP: Even the Disgusting Oozeling needs love

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In the Hinterlands or STV you'll be surrounded by throngs of trolls - and whadya know, the Troll Archaeology Finds go hand in hand. Wetlands, Badlands and Burning Steppes are all known for their dwarven dwellings - and similarly, so are most the archaeological finds Archaeology in Warlords of Draenor has three new branches, new rare solves, and even some jumping games tied to fragments! Get Wowhead Premium $1 a month or less to enjoy an ad-free experience, unlock premium amber, pandaren pottery, mogu statue, nerubian obelisk, arakkoa cipher,orator cane, tol'vir hieroglyphic, ogre missive, troll. Keystone of the Troll tier in archaeology that is found randomly while surveying in Troll dig-sites. When placed in artifacts keystone slots it is the equivalent of 12 Troll archaeology fragments Cataclysm keystones: Trolltafel - Troll Hochgeborenenschriftrolle - Night Elf Zwergenrunenstein - Dwarf Orcische Blutschrift - Orc Draeneifoliant.