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Dr. Dabber Switch Review - A Joy to Dab The Switch doesn't need to vaporize dry herbs. It's worth the price for the dabs alone! Due to the PACT Act, we removed all concentrate vaporizers and accessories from the Planet of the Vapes website, and you should know why Of the Dr. Dabber line of vaporizers, the SWITCH is the first vape to use induction heating. Dr. Dabber SWITCH heats up incredibly fast, reaching temperatures beyond 500°F degrees in a matter of seconds with control, and is an extremely efficient method of vaping cannabis The SWITCH is fairly intuitive to set up and use. If you're a dabbing pro, you'll have no problem. First, fill the glass with water. Second, load the induction cup with leaf or oil (or leave it empty if you're dabbing) and place the induction cup into the SWITCH device using the tweezers provided The Dr. Dabber Switch is definitely one of the more expensive vaporizers available on the market today. With their name being well established through products like the Dr. Dabber Boost and the Utillian 2 Wax Pen, plenty of eyes are keen on seeing what technology has been packed into the Dr. Dabber Switch A 20 mg salt switch vape kit is one of the best vape kits for beginners. It fits nicely in your hand and is a portable kit, perfect for on the go vaping. A combination of this and the ease of use really does make it a hassle free option to quitting smoking

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Review Summary The Switch is currently on the frontlines of vaping technology and it's anything but subtle - constructed with premium materials and sporting a loud and flashy design. The Switch is a show stopper. It is everything you would expect if you decided to shell out $400 on a single device The mod is a 510-centered, dual-18650 device that gets its name from its ability to switch between exterior frames in different colors. The main body is black and you can buy other frame colors separately and switch between them easily. This review is of the LE version. Price: $84.99 per kit (includes NRG sub ohm tank 49 reviews of Switch to Vapor Guys sold me a new tank today that's awesome and they took the time to show me how to properly. They're very helpful and friendly here and the prices are better than the previous owners. I highly recommend them especially if you're new to vaping and want to quit smoking. If you're a little hesitant just because you feel like you're stepping into the unknown they.

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According to BAT, the Vype iSwitch range is equipped with a 'Puretech blade' instead of the usual coil and wick. 'The precision of the Puretech blade releases the nicotine more effectively,.. Home Blog Dr. Dabber Switch Review More than just a novelty brand, Dr. Dabber is committed to providing the vaping industry with truly innovative award-winning devices. Customer satisfaction has always been Dr. Dabber's number one goal and the Switch is a great product to go along with that

About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Over the years, Dr. Dabber has become a household name in the world of vaping. In 2013, they began their journey to create the best vaporizers on the market. Their goal was to create vaporizers that boast as much convenience and reliability as they do potent and effective. The Dr. Dabber Switch certainly lives up to all expectations and hype surrounding its release. It also perfectly aligns. KAOS Switch 2in1 Vape Disposable. 2600+ Puffs (1300 each flavor) 5% Nicotine - 5.2ML. 1.8 ohm - 1200 mah Battery. Flavors: Kaos Switch Vape Blueberry Ice / Raspberry. Kaos Switch Vape Lush Ice / Blood Apple. Kaos Switch Vape Mango / Melon. Kaos Switch Vape Mint / Strawberry Categories Cannabis Product Reviews Tags airis, blazin' gear, product review, review, ruffhouse, switch, vaporizer Post navigation How To Make a Deep Water Culture (DWC) Hydroponics System Cannabis Infused Scottish Shortbread Cookies Recip

Switch Vaporizer Review. One of the latest and greatest products to hit the market is definitely the Dr Dabber Switch. The versatility of the Herb and Oil mode as well as the temperature range and heat settings makes this an exceptional vape. To top it off, this device has an incredibly powerful battery that packs a punch and delivers longer. RandM Switch disposable vape is a disposable vape device with flavor switch feature. It contains 8ml 6% nicotine salt e-juice and vape up to 2000 puffs. There are 6 flavors in the R&M Switch Disposable for you to choose. You can switch between flavors instantly via the button at the bottom of the device. RandM SWITCH Disposable Device Features Welcome to the Airis Switch 3-in-1 Vaporizer Review from BlazinGear.com. Learn more or purchase a Switch: https://airistechshop.com/products/airis-switch-vap.. Switch Disposable Vape Pen Pod Device. Switch Disposable Vape Pens are a terrific alternative to traditional cigarettes. These lightweight and compact electronic cigarettes have been designed to be exceptionally easy-to-use and operates with absolutely no skill required of any sort Dr. Dabber Switch as a dab-rig review The Switch is an amazing around-the-house portable dab rig. It's great on a coffee table or a countertop. It's easy to use and easy enough to pass around - just be careful with that carb cap

The Dr Dabber Switch is a portable vaporizer unit for the use of dry herbs or concentrates. Multiple Heating Settings for Herb and Oil. The Switch has two basic modes: 'leaf' and 'oil.' Either mode has five different heat presets that cover just about anything you'll ever want to vape. Like most portable dab rigs, low settings are. DR Dabber Switch Review. The DR Dabber Switch is a portable dab rig made by the company Dr Dabber. The Switch is a 2-in-1 Oil and Loose-Leaf vaporizer that uses induction heating to vaporize your materials. It comes with induction cups, a detachable bubbler, a carb cap and retails for $399.95 Close (esc) airis Switch 3in1 Vaporizer Dry herb/Wax/Oil Ceramic heating Vape Battery. Regular price $109.99 Sale price $89.99. /. Color. Black Silver Red Blue. Black - $89.99 USD Silver - $89.99 USD Red - Sold Out Blue - Sold Out The Dr. Dabber SWITCH is a dual-use vaporizer with an induction heating setup. Dual-use vaporizers are designed to allow patients to consume both concentrates and dried herb using a different mode on the same device. Some drawbacks of dual functionality vaporizers are that these units tend to be bigger, heavier, and more pricey than other single-mode desktop vaporizers The Switch is a portable table top vape with a sleek design that makes assembly and use simple and quick. Standing at 9.5 inches tall without the glass bubbler and 13 inches tall with the glass bubbler, the device is fairly bulky but the modern hourglass design lends itself to comfortable holding

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  1. The Switch Mods disposable pod stick features a slimline profile that is easy and comfortable to hold. Each device is equivalent to approximately one pack of cigarettes and delivers a smooth and satisfying vaping experience with each pod containing 1.3ml of 5% (50mg) nicotine salt e-liquid. Each Switch Disposable pod system is draw activated.
  2. The Focus V Carta Vape and the Dr Dabber Switch each offer their own advantages and disadvantages. The Carta Vape comes out on top in terms of its price tag and value factor. The pro's include removable and rechargeable batteries, better portability, its versatility for use with both dry herbs and wax concentrates, and its lower price tag
  3. I saw the Dr Dabber Switch vape and my eyes lit up, however I read a review on planetofthevapes that said it isn't worth it for dry herb alone. I was also initially interested in the mighty, but it looks like it has a temperature cap of 210c which slightly misses the full spectrum of effects
  4. Ezzy Super Disposable Vape Review. 4.9/5. The EZZY Super disposable vape is one ecigarette product with lots of features to offer consumers. It is considered to be an ideal choice if you're looking for a longer-lasting disposable vape. Just in case you are looking out for how long this vape product lasts. It largely depends on the individual.
  5. The R+M Switch disposable vape is a disposable vape device with a dual flavor switching feature, contains 8ml 6% nicotine salt e-juice and vapes up to 2000 puffs. With 7 delicious flavor combinations to choose from, You can switch between flavors instantly via the button at the bottom of the device
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PROMAX Switch Disposable Vape (2400 puffs) No reviews. Regular price $25.00 Sale price $14.99. Flavor. Strawberry/Grape Berry Lemon/Apple Ice Grape Ice/Blue Razz Mint Gum/ApplePineapple Watermelon/Strawberry Apple/ Banana Berry Ice/ Strawberry Kiwi Passion Guava Ice/ Icy Mint Mango/ Banana Strawberry Blue Razz/ Lychee Ice. Strawberry/Grape. These disposables come with 6% nicotine salt concentration e-juice and a 1,100 mAh battery. The Bang XXL Switch Duo Disposable Vape comes with a pre-filled 7mL e-liquid juice tank and pre-charged so the device is ready to go out of the box. Then when you're about to hit 2,500 puffs, you can just throw it out. The Bang XXL Switch Duo Disposable.

A Closer Look at the Airvape X . The Airvape X has one of the more recognizable form factors of all dry herb vaporizers. The new version continues the tradition with its super-slim profile that makes the device one of the more portable and lightweight vaporizers. It weighs only 3.2oz while standing only 0.48 and is just 1.85 in width.. The device features an all-ceramic heating chamber. PROMAX Switch Disposable vape (2400 Puffs) by 2ND WIFE VAPE. 13 reviews. Sold out. $25.00 USD. $14.99 USD. Promax Switch disposable vape with 2400 puffs is the newest innovation in the vape industry. With two flavors to choose from, both in the same device, The Pro Max Switch is the next great thing to storm the disposable vape market! The two. Flawless Switch The switch has been working fantastic! Even better than I imagined. Solid heavy sturdy unit. The switch is now my go to. I use it more than any other product.. Complete coverage, unboxing, and customer review of the Dr. Dabber SWITCH: Some people switch from Verizon to T-Mobile. But one of the most rewarding switches is going from dry herb to concentrates

Check out Hitt Switch Disposable Vape, delivering approximately 2000 puffs with 2 selectable flavors per device, a 5% nicotine concentration and adjustable airflow. For example, the Berry Bons will contain two separate flavors: Strawberry Banana flavor and Strawberry Kiwi flavor. Flavors: Berry Bons - Strawberry Banana / Strawberry Kiwi Lemonade Stand - Lemonade / Strawberry Mad Mango - Mango. Updated: September 12, 2020. We've reviewed other devices by Airistech before like the Airistech 3-in-1 and the Airistech Headbanger and have come away pretty unimpressed with the price and build quality. The Airistech Nokiva is a billed 'premium' portable budget dry herb vaporizer with changeable glass mouthpieces meant to give beginners.

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Promax Switch is the newest innovation in the vape industry. The Pro Max Switch is the next great thing to storm the disposable vape market because of its convenient switch located at the bottom of the device that gives you the ability to completely change your vaping experience on the fly. Features: 650mAh 2400 Puffs 7mL capacit Temperature control is easy with the Dr. Dabber Switch. Toggle the vape to oil or leaf mode, and use the up and down buttons to access five popular temperature settings from the five light display. Press the big button to dab. When you're ready for more, access three different vape modes, each with 25 temperatures to play with Apr 3, 2018. #1. Hey guys...let me introduce you to the Dr. Dabber Switch! It's a cordless induction powered e-rig that vapes extracts and flowers. Heats up in around 3 seconds with the Ti nail and 10-12 seconds with the quartz nail. Zero hot spots anywhere except the nail itself, which is located in the bottom of a deep, solid glass well Yuoto Switch Disposable Vape device is made of high-quality metal materials, lightweight and portable, and durable. It is powered by a 1650mAh built-in battery, and despite its small size, it can support up to 3000 puffs. All Yuoto Switch disposable pod devices require no maintenance, charging, or refilling; once it has been used, just throw away 7 out of 7 people found this review useful. Grade. Vilius N 09/1/2020. Pro Vape Switch Cool Mint. Po 150 itraukimu Cool Mint grynai muilo skonis ir kartais net nejudintas pats pradeda kaisti. 4/10. isbandysiu dar pora skoniu ir parasysiu kaip gausis. Grade. Edgaras. 08/27/2020

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  1. A vape shop, commonly known as a e-cig shop is a retail store that specializes in products for electronic vaporizers, e-juice, tanks, hardware, mods and other accessories in the vape community. Many head shops also carry CBD, parts, rebuildable mods, and consumables - depending on the legality within their state
  2. Yuoto Switch Disposable Vape changes the non reusable e-cigarette game by providing 2 different tastes in one tool.It is the ultimate 2-in-1 disposable with 8 various impressive dual taste alternatives, in a comfortably portable device
  3. Overview. The SWITCH Vaporizer by Dr. Dabber is undeniably the definition of the next generation of vapes. With induction heating technology, it is designed to set the vaping standard few notches higher. Unlike convection and conduction, it uses an electromagnetic coil to heat up the materials

I often look for different liquids to switch things up a bit. Dream Steam vape pen Marijuana Product Review February 1, 2015 Marijuana Product Reviews , Vaporizers The Dream Steam vape pen is a combination of everything you could ever ask for in a vaporizer - easy to use, economical, high-quality, pocket-sized, and attractive The Kaos Switch features two powerful 450 mAh batteries and a 5.2 mL juice reservoir. With 8 different devices the Kaos line offers over 20 distinct flavor combinations, ensuring you'll never be bored with vaping again. Make the Switch today! 2600+ Puffs (1300 each flavor) 5% Nicotine - 5.2ML. 1.8 ohm - 1200 mah Battery Dr. Dabber Switch lets the consumer go from vaping waxes to herbs like the flip of a switch. There's a black ceramic induction cup for finely ground up herbs and a white ceramic induction cup for oil. Also, 25 advanced settings allow you to customize your vape experience, depending on your mood Be the first to review XEN Bar Switch Vape Stick 2000 PUFFS (1 count) Cancel reply. You must be logged in to post a review. You may also like. Sale. Ignite V15 Disposable Vape Stick 1500 Puffs (1 count) $ 19.99 $ 9.99. Cake Delta 8 Disposable Vape Stick (1 count) $ 18.99. MR. VAPOR air Disposable Vape 500 Puffs (1 count Yuoto Switch Disposable Vape Design, Features, Review. Yuoto Switch vape changes the non reusable e-cigarette game by providing 2 different tastes in one tool. It is the ultimate 2-in-1 disposable with 8 various impressive dual taste alternatives, in a comfortably portable device. Dual tastes style solves the adhering to issue: The users.

Kang Dancing Skulls Switch vape is a disposable vape device with flavor switch feature. It contains 9ml 5% nicotine salt e-juice and vape up to 3500 puffs. There are 6 flavors in the Kang Dancing Skulls Switch Disposable for you to choose. You can switch between flavors instantly via the button at the bottom of the device. vape Features Yuoto Switch Disposable kit is powered by a 1650mAh built-in battery. Despite its small size, the durability of the battery pack is more than 50% higher than similar products, reaching an astonishing 3000 vaping puffs. Pre-filled in 8ml of vape liquid and offers a salt nicotine strength of 5% (50mg) which lasts longer than any other vape device.

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The Haka Switch Dual Flavor contains 5% nicotine in two flavors and lasts approximately 2200 pufss, with built-in 1000mAh battery, ejuice capacity is 8.5ml. Haka Switch Quick detail Model: HAKA Switch Disposable vape pe Description. EZZY SWITCH Disposable Vape! These devices feature 2 FLAVORS IN ONE DEVICE, 2400 puffs (1200+1200) count and contains 5% salt nicotine e-liquid. Easy Way to Vape with great flavors Switching the flavors to bring you perfect vape experience!!!! Each portable EZZY SWITCH comes. Features: Lightweight, Small and Portable Regular price $19.99 Sale price $15.00. airis Herbva X 3in1 Dry Herb Vaporizer for Wax/Oil with 3 Bullets. $79.99. airis Herbva Nokiva Dry Herb Vaporizer. Regular price $99.99 Sale price $69.99. airis Switch 3in1 Vaporizer Dry herb/Wax/Oil Ceramic heating Vape Battery. Regular price $109.99 Sale price $89.99

Yuoto Switch Disposable Vape kit is powered by a 1650mAh built-in battery. Despite its small size, the durability of the battery pack is more than 50% higher than similar products, reaching an astonishing 3000 vaping puffs. Pre-filled in 8ml of vape e-liquid and offers a salt nicotine strength of 5% (50mg) which lasts longer than any other vape. Vapouriz V-Switch Crossover Vape Kit Quick Link - Vapouriz V-Switch Coils The V-Switch is the result of an exciting and innovative collaboration between Vapouriz and globally-renowned vape manufactures Innokin. Compact, lightweight and fabulously-versatile, the V-Switch packs plenty of choice into a simple, easy to navigate interface Dr. Dabber Switch E-Rig Description: The Dr. Dabber Switch is a revolutionary e-rig style induction vaporizer that has a ton of features and delivers flavorful vapor from herbs or concentrates faster than you can say go. While most dab rigs are intended for use with wax and oil concentrates, the Dr. Dabber Switch can also be used with dry herbs.

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  1. Features. Refurbished For the win . The Dr. Dabber Switch is the best E-Rig Concentrate Vaporizer on the market for vapor quality. While the desktop vaporizer is large and non-portable, it provides smooth dabs that cannot even be matched by the likes of the Puffco Peak Pro.. And while the new Dr. Dabber Switch will set you back some $400 the refurbished Switch comes in at a fraction of the price
  2. Yuoto Switch Disposable changes the disposable e-cigarette game by offering two different flavors in one device.It is the ultimate 2-in-1 disposable with 8 different amazing dual flavor options, in a conveniently compact device. Dual flavors design solves the following problem: The users hoping to try more flavors and costing too much to buy different flavors of disposable pod device
  3. Switch SX is an advanced nicotine delivery system which replicates the satisfaction that is achieved when smoking a cigarette. The all-in-one SX Starter Kit includes a Switch SX Device, Charging Cable, and a Flavor Multipack consisting four Switch SX Pods in 5% nicotine strength - Royal Tobacco, Frosty Mint, Mango Smoothie and Watermelon Twist

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Switch. 6.9K likes. We have stores in New Plymouth, Hawera, Wanganui, Palmy, New Market and K Road. We make our eliquid in an ISO14644 Class7 cleanroom. Top quality & great service guaranteed The Airis Tick is a great portable vaporizer to be used a CBD oil mod. It is discreet and easy to use. The 650 mAh battery is powerful enough to vape the ticker oils as well. All you have to do is simply flip the tank top open and start vaping. I've been coming at you guys with a bunch of these Airistech wax vaporizers lately, namely the. The Airistech Switch 3-in-1 vaporizer kit is an excellent choice for a premium, versatile and portable vaporizer, designed not only for dry herb, but also for wax and for oil. An included set of unique 'bullets' are included for each of the material types. The unique 360°rotating mouthpiece adds a level of comfort and convenience to your vaping experience. One cool new feature is the haptic. Lychee Ice - Subtle Lychee flavor with a hint of cool mint. Switch Mini is a disposable, advanced nicotine delivery system containing 300 puffs which replicate the satisfaction that is achieved when smoking a cigarette. With no fuss of detachable pods, the Switch Mini comes equipped with an in-built pod containing Swi

Shop e cig disposable review,the best disposable e cigand best disposable cigarette on DHgate.com right now and get your satisfactory commodity there. wholesale bang xxl switch duo disposable vape e cigarette kit 2in1 2500 puffs 6% 7ml vs puff bar vapes in electronic_smoke0011 is quite popular and you will like it, too What is the candy king switch the disposable pen The candy king vape pen is a disposable vaporizer unit made to be beginner-friendly and is the product of the candy king company. The candy king company has made itself a name within the vaping industry by creating the best vape e-liquid. The company has products all ov The Switch is a hybrid between an electric oil rig and a weed vaporizer. It features a patent-pending induction heating technology, which heats up within seconds using electromagnetism. The Switch can also be used as a desktop or portable unit. It has a tiny switch on the bottom that lets you toggle between dry herb and wax The Dr. Dabber SWITCH is the optimal choice for the widest range of temperature control and insanely quick heat-up time. While both vapes do an excellent job at vaping flower, the SWITCH is perfect for dabbing. Cannabis Vape Reviews is operated by an independent team of cannabis and vaporizer enthusiasts that review, research, and recommend. The Salt Switch is a 20mg disposable vape device. A compact, pocket-sized design makes the Salt Switch Pod device the perfect match for somebody on the go. This particular kit offers 450 puffs at 20mg of nicotine salt liquid. The Switch Vape has 16 different flavours to choose from, all with a 2ml e-liquid capacity

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Switch Disposable Vape Device - Drip More E Liquid. With a wide range of different flavors to choose from and a straight forward, user-friendly form of operation, the Switch Disposable Device offers a worry-free, easy to grab way to vape when time is of the essence. Each of these devices holds 1.3ml of juice that has a 50mg salt nicotine strength The disposable vape pen from Switch Mods, offers a handy pre-filled flavor burst for an easy to use on the go taste explosion.. Coming as a single device per pack with a 5% Nic Salt, lasting for approximately 300 puffs per pen. Switch Mods feature an 280mAh intergrated battery and contains a 1.3ml of nic salts which come in a choice of a multitude of flavours to suit your taste 6. Science Proves Ecigs are Safer. The research is very clear that e-cigs can reduce your risk of tobacco-related death. In fact, a study at Boston University concluded that vaping is much safer than smoking tobacco cigarettes. 7. Vaping is the Perfect Transition to Smoke Free Life The Bang XXL Switch Duo is an extra large disposable e-cigarette that offers vapers two flavors in one device. Users can change flavor simply by moving the switch located at the bottom of the device. The disposable vape is made with 6% salt nicotine e-juice and lasts approximately 2500 puffs. 7.0 mL e-liquid per device 6% nicotine content by weight Made with salt nicotine Pre-filled & Pre.

The Dr. Dabber Switch is currently the best E-Rig Concentrate Vaporizer you can buy. It is a strict desktop durable in nature and provides the best vapor quality you will get in an E-Rig. Check out our Switch review at To the Cloud Vapor Store The Dr. Dabber SWITCH represents a brand new type of desktop vaporizer to hit the vapescape today. It's the first induction style desktop vape from Dr. Dabber, and has one of the trippier light setups of any vaporizer out there. The induction heating system means that the SWITCH heats up incredibly fast. Dr. Dabber made the SWITCH equally capable for both dry herb and wax concentrates so not. HAKA Switch Double Flavor Disposable Vape. VapeBattery: 1100mah. Pod capacity: 6.0ML. Puffs: 2200 puff


Those who had completely switched to vaping or reduced their tobacco consumption by both smoking and vaping experienced major changes to their heart health. Many of the smokers had worrisome hypertension at the beginning of the study. But after switching completely to vaping, there was an average decline in systolic blood pressure of 16.3 mm Hg The SALT Switch ZERO Blueberry Raspberry Disposable Vape is a sans nicotine expendable e-cigarette. Also, It was made explicitly for the individuals who need to really appreciate the cool. The smoky flavors from SALT Switch, It has nicotine enslavement! The Switch can be utilizing straight out of the crate and requires no charging or filling. Though you may think its common knowledge, there is a range of tips, tricks and insider info on how to switch e juice flavors, priming vape coils and helping them last longer. Check out this guide to changing vape juice to find out if you have all the essential knowledge Movkin RandM Switch 2in1 Rick and Morty Design is a disposable vape device with flavor switch feature. It contains 8ml 6% nicotine salt e-juice and vape up to 2400 puffs. There are 6 flavors for you to choose. You can switch between flavors instantly via the button at the bottom of the device. ☑6% Nicotine Salt

The Airis Switch Vape is an innovative vaporizer made for dry blends that can be quickly converted to support concentrated oils using included bullet chamber inserts. For dry blends it uses a top quality ceramic heating oven that ramps up quickly, delivers robust flavors and is 100% food safe RandM Max, RandM Switch, R&M Xtra, R&M Switch, RandM Vape, R&M 2in1 Switch, RandM 2in1 Switch, 2in1 Disposbale Vape, 2in1 Vape, Switch 2in1 Vape, 2in1 Disposable, RandM Mini Vape, RandM Dazzle Vape, Dazzle 5000 Vape, Switch Pro 3200 Vape, Dazzle King 3000 Vape, Rick and Morty Disposable Vape Wholesale and Retail Disposable Dream Switch 2in1, 8.0ml 2600 Puffs Vape , Grape/Raspberry, Blackberry Blueberry Lemon ICE. No reviews. Regular price $24.99. Add To Cart. No reviews. Disposable Dream Switch 2in1,Stwrawberry Guava / Raspberry Peach ,8.0ml 2600 Puffs Vape. No reviews. Regular price $24.99

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RuffHouse Studios +500 original Cannabis Infused Recipes, Marijuana Rolling Tutorials, Oil and Concentrates Extraction How-to's & Cannabis Product Reviews Review: The New Puffco Peak Pro is a premium vape with premium features A stellar vape for any occasion. Review: My Hero One's Justice - a 'quirky' experience, but missing key elements for. Bang XXL Switch DUO Disposable Vape Features: Disposable Device. 6% nicotine. 1 Device per package. 7mL of e-liquid. 2500 puffs per device. 1100mAh battery capacity. Not refillable/rechargeable Be the first to review DR DABBER SWITCH VAPORIZER Cancel reply. You must be logged in to post a review. Featured Products. Nirvana CBD Muscle Recovery Lotion (100ml) 0 out of 5 $ 52.00. CBD Pharm Delta 8 Tincture Spearmint (30ml) - 1200mg. 0 out of 5 $ 35.00