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Molokini, Turtle Arches, Lanai Snorkel & Dolphin watch and More. Reserve Online Today! Snorkel Maui's top reefs snorkeling with turtles and then enjoy a delicious lunc You'll Enjoy All Of The must See Sights In Maui On Spectacular Maui Helicopter Tours. Plan Your Trip To Maui. Find Deals, Order Now. Best Things To Do in Maui Molokini Crater is home for Maui residents and visitors looking for the best snorkeling clarity as well as protected ocean and bird life. Come scuba, snuba, snorkel and/or whale watch in season at Molokini Crater! Molokini Questions Answered. Jul 8, 2021 Molokini Crater rises out of the Pacific Ocean between the Hawaiian Islands of Maui and Kaho'olawe. The ancient Hawaiians used it for its excellent fishing grounds. They developed several effective methods to find and catch fish that you may have never even heard of. Read more under Relics of Ancient Hawaii. In the 1940s, the US Navy used the. from $149.67 per adult. Maui Snorkeling To Molokini Tour - All-Inclusive 5-Hour - Morning Session. 40. from $141.46 per adult. Molokini Crater Zodiak Adventure Snorkel & Turtle Cove Swim. 100. from $159.00 per adult. Maui Whale Watching and Snorkeling Tour from Ma'alaea Harbor. 17

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The Molokini Islet lies in the Alalakeiki Channel between South Maui & Kaho'olawe. Formed by a volcanic activity about 200,000 years ago, Molokini formed in a lop-sided manner. Since this crater lacks a northern wall, the crescent-shaped southern side conveniently blocks the majority of the wave action, while the crater basin opens to the ocean Molokini Crater in Maui boasts some of the most unique geological features in the world. Not only is it a marine preserve, it is also a federally owned and protected Seabird sanctuary. The two nesting birds that most frequent the area are the Wedge-Tailed Shearwater and the Bulwer's Petrel

Four Winds II Molokini Snorkeling Tour from Maalaea Harbor. star-4.5. 363. Snorkeling in Molokini Crater is undeniably one of the best parts about visiting Maui. Here in this crescent, submerged volcano off Maui's southern coastline, over 250 species of fish inhabit a world-class reef Molokini Crater is a crescent-shaped islet famed for it's protected waters and incredible visibility for snorkeling and scuba diving. It was likely formed from volcanic eruption 230,000 years ago, and has had a long tumultuous history.. Currently, Molokini serves as a Marine Conservation District and Bird Sanctuary further making it a boon for ocean lovers What to do in Molokini Crater - Maui Island, Hawaii. If you are ever going to Maui Island, Hawaii, or just visiting some of the world's unbelievably beautiful islands of Hawaii , try to allow one full day or at least half a day to see the stunning natural beauty of Molokini Crater (Caldera) that is located in Maui Island Ride from the summit of Haleakala Crater, enjoy the diverse trails of Maui, or cruise along the streets on your road bike. There are currently a couple of highly recommended ways to ride down Haleakala Crater's long downhill slopes. 1. Take a combo Haleakala Sunrise, Bike Ride & Zipline Tour. Skyline Hawaii offers a convenient, exciting and. Maui SNUBA Diving tours to Molokini Crater and Turtle Town. SNUBA is best described as the best of both worlds - a hybrid between snorkeling & scuba diving

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  1. Molokini crater is an iconic moon-shaped islet with incredibly clear water off of Maui's Southern coast. With reef visibility of up to 150 feet, the crater is home to over 250 species of fish, sprawling coral reefs, and a diverse selection of marine wildlife, including ulua, manta rays, and monk seals
  2. The following Molokini infographic shows the best snorkeling and scuba diving locations at Molokini Crater in Maui Hawaii with descriptions of each dive spot. Below we list the Quicksilver, Tako Flats, Middle Reef, Reef's End, Shark Condos, Enenue, Flying Sea Cliffs, The Back Side of Molokini, and Edge of the World
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  4. Molokini is a crescent-shaped, partially submerged volcanic crater which forms a small, uninhabited islet located in ʻAlalākeiki Channel between the islands of Maui and Kahoʻolawe, within Maui County in Hawaiʻi.It is the remains of one of the seven Pleistocene epoch volcanoes that formed the prehistoric Maui Nui island, during the Quaternary Period of the Cenozoic Era
  5. In the Hawaiian language, Molokini means many ties.. It is a crescent-shaped volcanic crater lying between Maui and Kahoolawe. It is a tiny uninhabited islet with an area of 23 acres. Molokini rises from 300 feet below from the ocean's surface and is a half-mile wide. Its diameter is 0.6 km

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Molokini is one of only three volcanic calderas in the world. Located just a few miles off Maui's shore, it is Hawaii's only island marine sanctuary. Scientists believe Molokini Crater formed about 150 thousand years ago. Molokini rises from 300 feet below the ocean's surface and is just under a half-mile wide and peaks at about 160 feet. Snorkel Molokini Crater. Molokini remains at the top of the list of must see destinations when on Maui. Molokini is considered one of the best snorkel locations in Hawaii and is frequently voted a top reef snorkel site. The back side of the crater is rated in the 10 best dive spots in the world Molokini Crater, Maui: 35 answers to 21 questions about Molokini Crater: See 725 reviews, articles, and 398 photos of Molokini Crater, ranked No.75 on Tripadvisor among 1,444 attractions in Maui OVERVIEW. Our first destination is the world famous Molokini Crater, a marine reserve below water and bird sanctuary above. The visibility on this reef system averages 100+ feet and provides a panoramic view of the marine ecosystem Previous Next Maui's Best Snorkeling to Molokini Crater and the South Coast of Maui Maui's best snorkeling and diving to Molokini Crater and the South Coast of Maui . 2 Hour Cruise Snorkel & Scuba Only Maui vessel with Sea Scooters Snorkel Gear Included 15-Minute ride to Molokini Snacks & Beverage Complimentary Experienced, World-Class Crew Personalized [

Molokini Crater is one out of three partially submerged volcanic islets of its type in the world. This 23-acre crescent-shaped islet is a Hawaii Seabird Sanctuary. Within the crater, guests can enjoy a rare kind of Maui snorkeling tour. The crater houses a naturally protected reef full of unique and endemic Maui marine life Molokini, Maui's iconic crescent-shaped islet, is a beautiful reef known for its crystal clear waters, abundant coral, colorful fish, and resting seabirds. A protected marine conservation area, this volcanic crater is only accessible by boat with a certified tour operator Redline's Molokini and South Maui Coast Adventure, explores Maui's more remote locations. The backside of Molokini (a very pristine environment) and La Perouse Bay's playful, curious spinner dolphins, are two favorites. We frequent Maui's best sites (think caves, lava arches, and grottos) - but not always the most popular Snorkel multiple Maui sights with a guide, including Maui's Molokini Crater, which has 180 feet (55 meters) of underwater visibility. Your guide takes you by boat to this extinct, partially submerged volcanic crater to swim with tropical fish and rays

About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Molokini Crater: 2020 Top Things to Do in Hawaii-Maui. Molokini Crater travelers' reviews, business hours, introduction, open hours. Check out updated best hotels & restaurants near Molokini Crater Molokini is a fabulous little gem of a crater islet located just two miles offshore from Maui. It is accessible by a short boat trip. The unique snorkeling spot is the result of a sea life-rich channel combined with a lack of surrounding sand to impede visibility

Molokini islet is the southern rim of an extinct volcanic crater that is located about 3 miles off of Maui's south coast. The only way to access the crater is by boat. Molokini and the surrounding 77 acres are a Marine Life Conservation District and Bird Sanctuary, which was established in 1977 Snorkel and explore the amazing reefs at Molokini, Turtle Arches, Lanai or West Maui. Explore Maui's reefs and marine life as you snorkel through the crystal clear waters Molokini Crater, based on data collected from potassium-argon dating, may actually be older than Maui's Haleakala Volcano. The Elevator is a spot along Molokini Crater's back wall that offers guests the opportunity to ride approaching waves directly up and down without ever hitting the crater itself Molokini Crater. Max Depth. 5-25 feet. Beginner Snorkeling. Photos & Videos. Google Map. Location: 3 miles south of Maui, off the coast of Makena. Amenities: You have to be on a boat excursion to get to Molokini Crater, so everything you need will be provided - even your snorkel equipment and flotation devices. Time to snorkel: Year round Maui's tour boat companies make it easy to get there. Tours depart daily from Lahaina and Ma'alaea harbors for the short trip to this resource-laden wonderland. Molokini's crescent, quarter-moon shape acts as a fortress that provides protection from waves and powerful currents

The Molokini Crater's existence is told one of two ways. Scientists say the crater was formed from the shifting of Earth's tectonic plates, causing volcanic eruptions underneath Maui. This eruption was so strong, it pushed volcanic rock about three miles southwest. Little did the people of Maui know that 230,000 years later, it would be one. Private and Luxury. from $452.00 per adult. Brand New Super Raft - Private Maui 3 Hour Snorkel to Coral Gardens or Molokini. 5. Half-day Tours. from $2,400.00 per group (up to 15) 5 Island Maui County -Private- Discovery Flight, for up to 3 people: See it All! 199. Private and Luxury MOLOKINI CRATER A SUBMERGED CALDERA. Molokini crater is an iconic moon-shaped islet with incredibly clear water off of Maui's Southern coast. With reef visibility of up to 150 feet, the crater is home to over 250 species of fish, sprawling coral reefs, and a diverse selection of marine wildlife, including ulua, manta rays, and monk seals Molokini Crater. Molokini scuba diving is a must when visiting Maui. The world famous Molokini Crater, a marine reserve below water and bird sanctuary above, is our first destination on this scuba trip. The visibility on this reef system averages 100+ feet and provides a panoramic view of the marine ecosystem Snorkel Molokini Crater. The Snorkel Molokini tour is one of the most classic of all Maui activities. Molokini Crater is a partially submerged volcanic crater off the southern coast of Maui that is ideal for snorkeling, snuba, and scuba diving. Molokini is one of the seven Pleistocene epoch volcanoes that formed prehistoric Maui and remains to this day as a marine sanctuary below the ocean.

Molokini Crater Fun Facts. Molokini is world renowned for its exceptional water clarity with visibility up to 150 feet. It was created from an eruption that occurred about 230,000 years ago. Molokini is home to about 250 types of marine species making it some of Maui's best snorkeling Malolo visits both Molokini and Turtle Town. You get approximately 1 hour of snorkeling at each site which is usually plenty to see all the marine and have a great time. If you want to read more information on Molokini you are in the right place. This website is a complete guide to Molokini, the most comprehensive on the internet The wall dive at Molokini Crater is a vertical drop and usually enjoyed around 80 feet. The wall drops to the ocean floor at 360 feet at the bottom.The backside of Molokini Crater is world renowned for it's wall dive. In general, Molokini Crater is an excellent spot to Scuba Dive in Maui as well as go snorkeling or snuba diving at because of. Molokini Crater truly is a snorkelers paradise with a unique ecosystem boasting over 250 different species of fish, many endemic to the Hawaiian islands. The underwater life at Molokini is wonderful and abundant. Molokini offers unsurpassed crystal clear water with visibility often more than 100 feet

Explore Maui's pristine coastline and snorkel the world famous Molokini Crater aboard REEF EXPLORER, Maui's newest, fastest, state of the art 2020 SUPER RAFT. Unlike any other boat in Maui, REEF EXPLORER glides effortlessly above the water for an exhilarating up close feel of the ocean Molokini Crater. An ancient atoll, Molokini lies 2.5 miles off Maui's south coast, where the water is calm, clear, and teeming with marine life. Here, snorkelers and scuba divers can expect up to 150 feet of visibility, allowing for perfect views of yellow tang, parrot fish, black triggerfish, bluefin trevally, and even moray eels Molokini Crater, considered by many to be one of the best snorkel locations in the world, offers you the opportunity to see a variety of tropical fish, sea turtles, and possibly dolphins and whales. This adventure will be one to remember. $-New low prices-$ Call for details: (808) 856-4274 $. Book Now This part of Molokini slopes down from a gentle 60 feet, and shelters reef sharks on the ledges at about 135 feet. Awesome! The expansive Back Wall of the crater is for those comfortable with advanced scuba diving. It is common to see nudibranchs, black coral, and large groups of soldierfish in this impressive reef

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Snorkeling Molokini Crater, Maui. destinations, Hawaii, Maui, Things to Do. After my mask was secured and my fins were strapped to my feet, I waded down the final few steps of the catamaran's ladder and eased into the water. Sun rays cut through the deep blue water and made it practically sparklethe tropical fish were dancing all around me Molokini crater offers excellent snorkeling in crystal clear waters several miles off the south Maui coastline. Reserve your space for a Molokini Crater snorkeling tour on Pride of Maui, Aqua Adventure, Fourwinds before you arrive on Maui. Toll-free: 877-678-7333 -or- 808-876-7777. Luau/Shows. Maui Luau Overview Molokini Crater: 2020 Top Things to Do in Hawaii-Maui. Molokini Crater travelers' reviews, business hours, introduction, open hours. Check out updated best hotels & restaurants near Molokini Crater

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Thanks to its calm, crystal clear waters, bright coral reef, and 250-plus species of tropical fish, Molokini Crater is the most popular spot for snorkeling tours on Maui. Spend a day on a snorkeling tour as you explore the protected marine preserve and come face to face with some of Hawaii's most colorful marine life. Learn more. Molokini Crater Molokini Crater is located between the islands of Maui and Kaho'olawe. This beautiful site is not only home to several fish species, but many species of birds, as well! The crater is a designated Marine Life Conservation District and bird preserve, so no fishing or climbing on the crater is allowed, but wearing flippers and a mask to watch.

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Molokini Crater Trip highlights. 15 minute boat ride to Molokini. Snorkel the crystal clear waters of Molokini crater, Maui's #1 Snorkeling destination. Small group Adventure with a max of 14 passengers. Be one of the first to snorkel molokini or sleep in a little and come after the crowds. Expert Guides Maui: 5-Hour Snorkel with optional SNUBA in Molokini Crater. 4.8. 68 reviews. From $141.46 per person. Book now. Seek out underwater adventure in Molokini Crater and Turtle Town with this 5-hour snorkeling or SNUBA tour. Afterward, relax with some local drinks Molokini is the most ideal spot for snorkeling in the clearest water in the world, where you can see hundreds of species of fish. Your 4 hour Molokini Crater excursion also includes a second spot in turtle town - homes to Hawaiian giant green sea turtles - Honu, Reef Triggerfish, Starfish, Butterfly Fish, Octopus, Rays, Eels and more Molokini Crater, located 3 miles offshore, is Maui's premier snorkeling destination. The Four Winds II is known for it's family friendly features and offers the best snorkeling in Maui. Enjoy extended time at Molokini Crater with plenty of time to snorkel, relax, and dine at your leisure We provide Maui Molokini all inclusive tours that includes a 5 hour morning Molokini Crater & Turtle Town tour, 3 hour afternoon Coral Gardens trip, and Private & Group Charters Up to 65 Passengers. Maui Snorkeling Whale Watching and SNUBA dive tours are perfect for all ages and abilities. Special rates apply for seniors, students, military and.

Molokini snorkel spots are indeed the pride of Maui, with its crystal clear tropical waters and abundant marine life. Molokini Crater Our snorkel tour is special, because it takes you to the back wall of Molokini - a place that very few visitors ever see Snorkel at renowned Molokini, a sunken volcano crater with incredible underwater visibility. Also snorkel at Turtle Arches off the South Maui coast. Onboard naturalist shares interesting info about marine life and leads reef tour. Breakfast and BBQ lunch, plus alcoholic drinks. Directly support a non-profit that studies and protects the marine. Molokini Crater and South Maui Coast Adventure. Avoid the crowds and enjoy a ride along the coast with the Molokini Crater and South Maui Coast Adventure. It's a five-hour-long tour that provides guests with the opportunity to explore the sea to see what they can find

Explore the natural wonders of Molokini Crater, a volcanic islet 3 miles (4.8 km) off the coast of Maui, on this snorkeling tour from Maalaea. Surrounded by clear tropical waters, this extinct cone is home to many species of marine life, such as fish, sea urchins, sharks, manta rays, and coral. Molokini is a marine preserve, meaning nothing can be disturbed, keeping the island and underwater. Maui Reef Adventures is the only rafting tour company operating out of Ma'alaea Harbor, Maui to offer several exciting snorkeling and whale watch tours daily to Molokini Crater, Turtle Town, Coral Gardens, and Oluwalu Reef as well as Private Charters and trips to Lanai. 808-244-733 Molokini Crater snorkeling is a top thing to do when vacationing on Maui, but is it worth it? One can see amazing marine life with the shoreline snorkeling.. Congratulations, Early Riser! Molokini Crater is yours alone! Kai Kanani's Sunrise Deluxe Snorkel is truly the most exclusive and beautiful snorkeling tour on Maui.. It begins with Maui Coffee Roasters Coffee, Ghiradelli Hot Chocolate, fresh warm cinnamon rolls from Maui's famous Cinnamon Roll Place and an epic sunrise. Look for stunning views of Haleakala and the Big Island of Hawaii as.

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Today, Molokini is a marine preserve protected by the State of Hawaii; it is one of its most prized treasures and a place of great significance. The crater itself is far from Maui's busy beaches, and its sunken bowl protects wildlife from the open ocean, nestling over 250 varieties of fish, birds, and mammals, plus 38 varieties of coral Awesome Maui snorkeling opportunities abound! Snorkel on Maui with Maui Classic Charters either with the Four Winds and visit Maui snorkel destinations such as - Turtle Town, Molokini Crater, and Coral Gardens This roomy catamaran departs from Makena's Maluaka Beach for a luxurious boat trip to Molokini Crater's incredible snorkeling visibility as well as the world-famous Turtle Town. This is one of our personal favorite trips on Maui due to the small group, delicious courses of food, and having Molokini to ourselves for almost an hour Maui: Molokini and Turtle Town Snorkel Tour with Lunch. 4.5. 424 reviews. From $119.95 per person. Book now. Snorkel in the extinct volcanic crater of Molokini on a thrilling adventure in Maui. Continue to Turtle Town to swim with Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles

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Molokini is a small volcanic atoll just off the south coast of Maui. It's known for great snorkeling and scuba diving as it's a State Marine Life and Bird Conservation District. The crater is believed to be more than 150,000 years old, created by a violent volcanic eruption Molokini Crater - Maui Hawaii Located 3 miles off Maui's rugged Makena coast, lies the alluring, sunken volcanic crater of Molokini. Here the crystal-clear tropical waters are home to an array of fish and other unique species of marine-life, including eel's and octopus, which all seek shelter inside this beautiful crater Molokini Formation. Molokini, which means Many Ties in Hawaiian, is an uninhabited islet that is located between Maui and Kahoolawe. It was formed more than 230,000 years ago during a volcanic explosion, and is just one of three partially submerged volcanic calderas in the world

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Molokini is a crescent shaped and partially submerged volcanic crater located off the southwest coast of Maui. It's between Maui and Kaho'olawe in the Alalakeiki Channel and is part of Maui county. It's not very big with an area around 23 acres but has a very protected inner area that's hugely popular for snorkeling and scuba diving Maui - Molokini Shoal. Molokini is a crescent shaped islet located in the 'Alalākeiki Channel about 3 miles off Maui's southwestern coast. Access is by boat only, and charter boats operate out of Lahaina, Mā'alaea Harbor and Kīhei. Molokini islet is the southern rim of an extinct volcanic crater. The shallow inner cove is the crater. Molokini Snorkeling & Scuba Diving. Molokini offers areas that appeal to novice, intermediate and expert SCUBA divers. The crater basin, for example, provides protected waters and is only 35 feet deep, making it ideal for beginning divers and snorkelers.Intermediate-level divers, meanwhile, can head to the underwater wall area that sinks to 70 feet

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Snuba dive Molokini! To take a closer look at marine life in a fun and unique way, you can snuba dive Molokini. You can stay underwater longer and dive deeper than you can while snorkeling, because you are attached to a surface supplied air system. When you use a snorkel, you generally float on the surface to stay close to your air supply. A visit to snorkel at Molokini will undoubtedly a highlight of anyone's Maui vacation. Just catching a glimpse of the giant, crescent-shaped, volcanic crater in the sea is worth the trip's weight in gold. Molokini's popularity has grown so much over the past 40 years, the island of Lana'i, or Maui's tropical coastline will offer a. Book with Maui Snorkel Charters now and know you'll see the best snorkeling on Maui. 4 Hour Tour Seafari™ Style Molokini Crater Best of 20 Snorkel Spots Custom-Built Boat Great Crew-to-Guest Ratio Gear Included. Book No Our famous Five Hour Maui Molokini Snorkel Adventure is considered Maui's best snorkeling trip which takes you to two exceptional sites — Molokini Crater and Turtle Town (weather dependent). The Molokini tours aboard our world class catamaran are simply unmatched in features and amenities. With unsurpassed stability, open space and a crew.

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Molokini Scuba diving tour summary. Time: check-in 6.15 am - back at 12.30 pm. Price: 139 USD per person (+ fees/tax/tip, about 169 USD / 145 € / £ 129 per person) 1 dive in Molokini Crater, 1 dive near Maui. Light lunch included; add 20 USD to rent scuba diving gear Maui Magic Includes a continental breakfast, a BBQ lunch and cold beer and wine after snorkeling. All your snorkel equipment is provided for you, and Snuba is av If you are looking for a Molokini snorkel trip with less people, but with all of the amenities of a bigger boat, this is the boat for you Maui is surrounded by some of the best spots for snorkelers and divers. Spend some time on the leeward side of Maui and chances are your eyes will be riveted by Molokini Crater, a horseshoe-shaped atoll located three miles off the island's southern coast that boasts some of the best snorkeling in Maui, Hawaii.. This magical islet lies in the Alalakeiki Channel of Hawaii

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As is usually the case for our snorkel trips in Maui, snorkeling at Molokini Crater had us up bright and early. We had to make it to Maalaea Harbour on the island's southwest coast by 6:45 am. Normally we don't like to get up so early, but one of the tips we'd learned while researching this ahead of time was that morning is the ideal time to go Molokai Mules, Lanai Tai's, Maui Brewing Company beers, Bikini Blonde Ale, Big Wave Golden Ale, and White Wine. Discover Molokini with Trilogy and experience an unforgettable day on the water. With a prime mooring location on the outside reef at Molokini Crater, Trilogy is away from the crowds Dive Molokini Crater. Available Tuesday and Thursday mornings checking in at 6:45am and returning at about 12:30pm. *NOTE: Due to COVID-19, we are currently running a modified schedule. Please check the charter calendar for up to date availability. Check in time and charter duration remain the same. $229 per diver Book your tickets online for Molokini Crater, Maui: See 725 reviews, articles, and 398 photos of Molokini Crater, ranked No.75 on Tripadvisor among 403 attractions in Maui

Molokini Crater. Maui's premier snorkel destination. Explore the spectacular submerged crater, the result of a volcanic eruption dating back 230,000 years! Molokini Crater has staggering visibility, typically over 100 feet, and more than 250 species of fish that consistently inhabit the vibrant coral reefs. This is a sublime destination for. Molokini Crater, is a marine sanctuary located just a few miles off of Maui's coast. Believed to have formed around 150 thousand years ago, Molokini rises from 300 feet below the oceans surface, and just under half a mile widepeaking at roughly 160 feet above sea level! Pretty much half of the crater is hidden under the surface of the ocean

Snorkeling Molokini Crater is the most popular destination for Maui snorkel trips. This crescent shaped tropical fish sanctuary, just off of the South shore of Maui, has good snorkeling because it almost always has clear visibility. The fish are abundant and not afraid of snorkelers Maui's Most Incredible Snorkelling. Molokini crater, a long dead volcanic crater in the sea just off the shore of Maui, is the natural habitat of countless varieties of fish, coral and other sea life. The shallow, warm waters in the half-moon shaped islet offer ideal conditions for snorkeling all year around Calypso is Maui's newest and largest Molokini snorkel boat. Boasting 4000 Sq. feet, 2 water slides, a high dive platform, and glass bottom viewing port, it is not surprising that this is one of the most popular Molokini snorkel tours. They also include a breakfast, BBQ lunch, beverages, snorkel gea This crater is smack dab in the middle of the middle of the ocean. Molokini is three miles off the southern coast of Maui, which is pretty much in the center of the sea to begin with! (Did you know that Hawaii is the most remote archipelago on Earth?) The inside of Molokini's crescent faces Maui, so it is protected from most open-ocean wave. Molokini Snorkel and Performance Sail with Sail Maui Hop aboard Paragon II and cruise to Molokini Crater for some of the best snorkeling on Maui. Back to all tours and activities. Summary: Sail Maui's Paragon II is a 47′ boat that leaves from Maalaea Harbor for a 5-hour snorkeling adventure. On the trip, you'll take a leisurely sail to.

We have the best prices on Molokini snorkel tours guaranteed! As the highest rated rental company on the island, you can be sure we're here to answer all of your questions and give you the Maui vacation of a lifetime. Mahalo! Please don't hesitate to call us if you have any questions between 7:30am and 6:00pm! Call Now 808-298-3021 Molokini Crater is actually the tip of an extinct volcano vent, with its giant bowl shaped caldera barely peeking above the ocean's surface between Maui and Kahoolawe. What you should know about Molokini Snorkeling Visit Molokini Crater & Snorkel Hawaii. This is adventure snorkeling at its best! Get access to some of the most amazing reefs and tropical fish. This faster paced trip arrives quickly out to Molokini crater (before the crowds), then on to explore the Maui Coastline. We visit spots where you can see and snorkel with Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles Please visit our channel to find out more videos..and subscribe our channel to be updated with the new uploads & give thumbs up to our videos..!!Other relate..

The truth is, Maui offers a lot of awesome places for snorkelling, and Molokini is the most popular among tourists (not locals). Many Maui tours operate from Molokini, and there are articles on the internet that cite Molokini as the best snorkel spot, but if you ask a local, they'd probably not recommend snorkelling there Maui: Afternoon Snorkel to Coral Gardens or Molokini Crater. 4.4. 123 reviews. From $69.95 per person. Book now. Enjoy an afternoon snorkeling trip to either Molokini Crater or Coral Gardens, off Maui coast. Cruise on a 55-foot catamaran and discover colorful Pacific marine life 1 Molokini. 2 Road to Hana. 3 Haleakalā National Park. 4 Ka'anapali Beach. 5 Maalaea Harbor. 6 Honolua Bay. 7 Twin Falls Maui Waterfall. 8 Turtle Town

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Plus, it involves the Molokini Crater! Diving the Molokini Crater, is it worth it? As for diving, the boat headed back toward Maui's shoreline after the Molokini snorkel and dive part of the morning! The site is called White Rock and is a mix of hard coral and sandy patches. The visibility was great and the water calm Molokini is a partially-submerged, crescent-shaped volcanic crater located in the Alalakeiki Channel between the islands of Maui and Kaho'olawe, and is one of only three volcanic calderas in the world. Scientists estimate that Molokini formed about 150,000 years ago from the eruption of an ancient volcano

One of the best experiences from our Hawaii trip was Snuba diving at Molokini Crater. This crater is located in Maui Hawaii just off the coast. Molokini Crat.. Two WWII-era explosives were identified in the waters around Molokini Crater on Maui. These unexploded ordnances (UXOs), or military explosives that did not detonate as intended, must be removed for obvious threats to public safety. The state Department of Land and Natural Resources in conjunction with the Department of Health, the US Navy, and other agencies are currently evaluating ways of rem Molokini Crater Snorkel Spots Defined as the #1 must do adventure on Maui, Molokini Crater provides world famous snorkeling and is home to more than 250 species of fish, painted in every color of the rainbow, some of which can be found nowhere else on Earth Ali'i Nui is a luxurious 65' Catamaran with plenty of room for everyone. They are the only Molokini snorkel trip that offers complimentary transportation to and from your hotel. They include snorkel gear and instruction, breakfast, lunch and cocktails after snorkeling. As an add

The morning Molokini & Turtle Town Snorkel Tour is our signature trip featuring a full 5-hour experience. You will visit not just one, but two separate Maui snorkel destinations. Due to its relative isolation, the geography and marine life at Molokini Crater are unique and unlike what you will see closer to shore at the coastal reef. The clarity of the water at Molokini is unsurpassed offering.

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