The Complete Guide to Monetizing YouTube Shorts

For most creators your videos will be the main way your audience engages and interacts with you. It’s crucial to have a monetization system in place for videos so that your audience can continue to watch them. Creators need to make money with their channels, and monetizing videos allows them to do that. For those who aren’t sure of how others make money with YouTube shorts videos, we’ve compiled a list of some of their most successful monetization techniques.

You can now add ads to your video

The use of ads to monetize videos has been common since YouTube’s early days. They are no longer as successful as they were. Many networks now block the ability for you to place ads on your videos mp3 downloader. Only pre-rolls or midroll ads are allowed by networks to insert in videos. Channels with short videos are particularly affected by the inability to monetize videos through native ads. A 20-second video cannot be monetized with native ads, unless 10 seconds are added at the beginning or end. If you decide not to include ads, your only option is to earn $0.00 per video view.

Products and Physical Goods

You can start making money by selling physical items like T-shirts, water bottles or merchandise on your channel. This is especially true if you have a younger audience. It’s possible to do so by including affiliate links or simple click-through links within your video description. To make money with this method, you don’t have to even sell one product. Your viewers can buy products by simply clicking on links you place in your videos. Your affiliate links could earn you money as either a share of advertising revenues or a commission. Selecting the right affiliate links is important. They should not confuse your visitors or lead them to spend money on items they do not need.

Attend Live Events and Watch them Online

Evening events such as talks-backs and streaming live can provide a way for you to monetize. If you want to take full advantage of this strategy, then find a method to make your viewers ticket buyers. In-video links to your event tickets are best. You can create events to go along with your videos, charging a fee for attendees. By charging just a couple of dollars for tickets to an event, you will be able to make some money.

Pay channels and Original Shows

It is possible to monetize older videos on your YouTube channel by charging $0.01 for a version that includes a commercial. Although not all creators employ this method of monetization, it’s been successful for many well-known Youtubers. Like creating paid channels, you could create shows that are based around videos from other creators and charge them a subscription fee. The older videos can make you money, and the newer videos can start earning money as well.

Stands and subscriptions

As with paid channels, subscriptions and stands allow you to charge for each video. Again, this is a way to make money without charging your own audience. Subscriptions to channels can be sold, or you can create a store where customers can purchase virtual goods such as virtual stickers.

Bottom line

Many different methods exist to monetize video content. It’s important to choose a consistent monetization plan when you are choosing your strategy. If you have chosen a method of monetization, stay with it. Don’t try to switch. Your videos will start earning you money very quickly.

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